Accept. Believe. Conquer.

Have you ever felt like you can no longer pursue your dreams? Have you ever felt like you cannot chase what you are passionate about? Quite often we believe that our situation places limitations on what we can and cannot achieve in life and I know that I have definitely used my situation as an excuse in the past.

When I lost my eyesight at the age of 16, I was devastated to say the least. I felt as if my world had been turned upside down and all my passions and dreams had been crushed. I used to be an avid water skier and loved nothing more than getting out on the water and completing a hard and fast slalom run. This is when you stand on one ski behind the boat and cross the wake of the voat in a zig zag pattern as quick as you can across a short distance. When I lost my vision all I heard around me was that it would not be safe for me to continue doing what I love without vision. I hated this thought so much that I would stop at nothing until I could find a way that I could be standing up on top of the water again doing what I loved. I knew that if I had 110% belief in myself then the people around me would have 100% belief in me. I then purchased a helmet which allows the driver to give me updates on when the boat is turning and the water conditions. The rest was up to me. I had to adapt and rely on my other senses to do the work and make up for the lost vision.

You are the only person who can stop yourself from chasing your dreams and passions no matter what the situation is. The solution is simple, ACCEPT the situation you are in, BELIEVE in yourself and your ability and CONQUER your dreams and chase your passions until you reach them. I had to ‘Accept that I was blind and that skiing would be a lot harder than it had ever been before but that was reality and there was nothing I could do about it but accept it. I then had to ‘Believe’ in myself and build up my confidence due to my situation. By purchasing the helmet that I could be given directions through I then believed in my own ability because I gained confidence in knowing that I had taken the actions in order to compensate for my visual impairment. All that was left to do then was ‘Conquer’ my dream of completing a hard and fast slalom run despite my situation and turn my dream into a reality.

What is it in your life that you need to apply the ABC principle to? A for ‘ACCEPT’, B for ‘BELIEVE’ and C for ‘CONQUER’.

Amy Savage