Ben's ability to capture the imagination of any audience is exciting and transformational...

...his stories must be seen and heard by all.

As a professional, motivational speaker, Ben strives to inspire, motivate and empower audiences with his messages of True Vision and Limitless Vision. He takes the stage for corporate audiences weekly, making them laugh, cry and take action towards their big dreams, no matter their individual, team and company situations and circumstances.

The adversities thrown at Ben at such a young age have matured him well beyond his years making him comfortable and confident in front of large conference audiences, executive boardrooms and everything in between, After all, he can't see who is sitting before him anyway! Check out his speaking topics below.



Through a powerful story of transformation, Ben speaks about his personal experience of overcoming one of the toughest adversities a person could ever face; losing his eyesight, over night at age 16.

Ben’s journey is extraordinary but the greatest lesson is how he discovered a whole new view in which to see himself, those around him and the situations he is faced with. This was the birth of True Vision; a mindset allowing anyone to see things from the inside out rather than the outside in. He now uses his message of True Vision to help businesses and organisations flip their vision to see their people, planet and profits soar.

Ben’s unique style of integrating his personal story and key take aways from his presentations is highly engaging, encourages participation and leaves any audience truly transformed.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Powerful stories in understanding True Vision including coaching a basketball team without being able to see the ball and having his understanding of perception flipped on it's head.
  • How you and your team can discover True Vision.
  • How you and your team can apply True Vision to your corporate culture using the ‘Eye of True Vision’.



When Ben lost his eyesight, his childhood hopes and dreams had been crushed for good, or so it seemed. With his relentlessly positive, 'can do' attitude, Ben made a conscious and strong decision to never allow his visual impairment to limit his life.

Too many people have big ideas or dreams, but lack the motivation and direction to bring their ideas to life and make their dreams reality. Through Ben’s experiences, he shares with audiences his inspiring stories of achieving his dreams and actioning his ideas, despite his circumstances, and empowers his audiences to live life limitlessly also. 

In pursuit of his dreams, Ben has created a step by step process for you and your teams to aspire, action and achieve any big, audacious goal, a ‘Limitless Vision’, to put an end to playing small and limiting and individuals, teams and the companies ability to soar.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Unbelievable achievements that prove anything is possible through Ben’s storytelling. You'll hear about his efforts in completing Spartan Obstacle Course Races, the Southern 80 Water Skiing Race, the Kokoda Track plus what's on his audacious bucket list.
  • How you and your team can discover Limitless Vision.
  • How your team can apply Limitless Vision to your corporate culture using the 'Eye of Limitless Vision'.

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